Did You Know...?

10 things you probably didn't know about SUP: 


1.  Unlike surfboards, most SUP have a nice grip for your feet. Often called the “T-Grip,” users have access to an easier way to stand up on the board and get going. T-grips also aid in giving more power to each stroke you make with the paddle because your feet are allowed to be more stationary.

2.  SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the United States as of June 2016. 

3. 1 hour of casual SUP burns 305-430 calories! 

4. There are a lot of new companies that have made the hassle of totting around paddles a lot easier. Many have started making paddles that come apart into either two or three pieces.

5. Contrary to popular belief, SUP did not originate in Hawaii. The history of SUP began in 1777 around the so-called “Society Islands” in Tahiti. Captain James Cook made a comment about a Polynesian person riding a wave on the sea with an instrument used to propel them forward. 

6. Many beginner SUP actually start on their knees instead of their feet! It is easier to begin this way because not as much balance is needed in order to stay up on the board.

7.  Yoga can be done on SUP! It does take practice; however, it is extremely good exercise and it is very relaxing once you have the moves down.

8. "Backpaddling" a term to describe backward or reverse motion of the SUP, originally came from the sport of kayaking. 

9. There are around 25 different strokes that you can do with a SUP! Many beginners start with the forward stroke. Once they become competitors, they move to harder strokes such as the Jibe, a wicked-fast pivot stroke used in competition. 

10. Looking down at your feet whilst on a SUP increases the chance of one falling. Studies show that looking at the water instead increases your chance of staying up on the SUP. It is important to be aware of what is around you at all times and to see what kinds of things may be in your upcoming path.

Are you tired of the crowded gym?

Thanks to JobeSports International for publishing this infographic on the number of calories burned while paddling on the water.  

At Surfitlocker we're dedicated to making it as easy to get out on the water as it is to go to your local gym.  Today, with all the time we spend in meetings or on the phone or in front of our computers, we understand that time on the water is a way to escape from the stresses of day to day life.   What's more it's a great workout and adds some variety to the running, spinning, lifting or other exercise that you've grown used to. 

If you're located in San Francisco, watch for our launch in April.  We're now taking pre-orders and would love to help you experience the SF Bay and get a great work out at the same time!





SUP Demo Day at China Camp State Park

Thanks to the folks at Desolation Outdoors for allowing us to try a wide variety of the standup paddleboards today at China Camp State Park in San Rafael.   Not only were the boards and some of the new paddles they had on hand a treat to try, the scenery and people at China Camp were amazing.   Who knew such a place existed in the SF Bay Area, tucked away with so much history and so much to do.  You can read all about it here: Friends of China Camp

Enjoying the day at China Camp State Park in San Rafael, CA.

Enjoying the day at China Camp State Park in San Rafael, CA.

Since the Desolation boards are designed on the SF Bay itself, it was only natural that I found the 10'6 Ko Lipe Carbon and the 14' Desolation Fastnet Carbon SUP boards a perfect fit for my taste. The water was glassy and the weather couldn't have been better and Desolation had instructors on hand to help guide us on the different characteristics of the boards and show us a new line of SUP paddles.  We were impressed and can't wait for another opportunity to visit China Camp again for another memorable paddle experience in the bay!



Surf or SUP?

Last weekend I gave this a fair amount of thought.  As a surfer first, I'm relatively new to the sport of Stand Up Paddling.  I know SUPs have been somewhat of a controversial wave riding device, and a great deal has been written about the proper etiquette when there's a mix of surfers and SUPs in the lineup.  My take is that depending on the conditions, the location and your mood, there's a place for both for someone who enjoys being out on the water. 

The author on a SUP in Santa Cruz Harbor

The author on a SUP in Santa Cruz Harbor

What are the conditions?: Be aware that there are certain beaches that you should not SUP at.  Maybe this will change some day, but you will get called out of the lineup of many beaches that are not SUP friendly.  If your local lineup is not friendly and you would prefer to blend in, you might consider something else.  But on a flat day, all bets are off, and why not get out on the water? Or at a local lake or river, the whole lineup stuff is not an issue.

One of the reasons we started Surfitlocker was that there were places and times when we wanted to SUP.  What I discovered is that SUPs are really big. (they make my 9' board seem tiny in comparison!) They are also heavy and they take up a lot of space.  If you have a compact car, you're going to have a tough time getting your SUP to the water.  If you like the convenience of tossing a board in your car and jetting to the beach, SUPing will require a major adjustment. 

So what did I end up doing last weekend?  I surfed one morning and ended up paddling the next afternoon as the waves had moved on and the location and weather was perfect for a SUP session.  I did get a friendly reminder from a Coast Guard Boat to stay away from the shoreline because it tends to make the Lifeguards nervous. 

There are plenty of reasons to ride one board or another.  Our goal with introducing Surfitlocker is to make it easier and a lot more fun to try a new board at different locations and help you understand a little bit more about the different boards that are available for you to enjoy, depending on the conditions and the location.  We always welcome your suggestions and comments.


Can software really improve the surfing experience?

I was a skeptic at first.  A big reason I love the water is that it is a great way to escape the ever increasing "screen" time we all spend these days, both at work and for fun.  I was concerned that adding more technology to a classic outdoor activity would be a mistake. But the more I work on Surfitlocker, the more I clearly see the benefits that can be introduced with great software that gives you more quality time in the water.  Let me give you a few examples:

1. Using your location we can easily show you surf shops close by and also their current inventory of boards that you can rent.  A big benefit of Surfitlocker is the ability to self-checkout equipment for dawn patrol or an off-hour session. 

2.  Using an App it is easy to make a reservation ahead of time and also complete rental agreements and payment information. No waiting in line.  

3. If you're a repeat customer, we can save information to make it even easier to rent again.

4. Software is great at keeping track of stuff and helping to determine how long the rental equipment has been in use.

We're working hard to make sure any software or technology we introduce has significant benefits and makes your surfing or SUP experience better.  We always welcome your suggestions and comments.



What to do when you can't surf? Get a scooter!

It's the beginning of a long weekend and a first glimpse of the summer months ahead of us...

Lately I've spent more time commuting than in the water, so it's been a bit frustrating.  On Thursday, I took this photo to help illustrate my point.  A car in the middle of San Francisco, with its board out of water!  Hopefully the owner got to the beach later that day.  

Then I noticed a small number of fellow commuters using Razor Scooters.  There is a also a new company called Luxe that uses the same scooters to facilitate their parking service (the employees wear blue jackets and use blue scooters like the one shown below to get around San Francisco)

Ok I thought, if I can't SUP or surf as often as I like, how about riding a scooter? Am I nuts?  Truth is it has been a blast and helps with the commute and is actually a lot of fun!  A couple of caveats.  You need to watch for other scooters, bikes, skateboards, buses, people with phones in their faces, you get the idea - also dogs tend to target you as a moving toy to go after and bite!  But if you're careful and use good sense, it is amazing fun - especially down small hills. 

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.


The surf rental experience and 3 ways to make it better!

I love to surf.  I also have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to some great locations both for business and for pleasure.  Naturally I try my best to take advantage of the situation and rent a board, so I can experience the local water first hand.  What I have come to learn is that many times finding a board, at the right time, close to my location has been a challenge.  Adding to the dilemma is that I prefer long boards, and also have taken a liking to SUP sessions as well, so many times, getting the board from the shop to the water is no easy task.  My friend Bob, told me a story of a trip to Florida where he had his rental board sticking out of the windows of his cab!  The shop he rented from advertised a "close to the water" location that in reality was a good 2 miles away and the board he ended up with was sketchy at best.  Don't get me wrong, I've also had some great rental experiences, with friendly owners, convenient locations and great equipment, but there are 3 ways that the experience can be made better:

1. Dawn patrol does not start at 10:00AM!  Allow me to get a board really early in the morning and return it later in the day, especially in the summer when days are long.

2. Offer a wider selection and better boards, not just "soft tops" - I'll pay more and I'm much more apt to buy a board from you if I'm a local and the board I rented was the one I enjoyed!  This is especially relevant for SUP, as the variety and selection of boards to choose from is growing every day.

3. Make it easier and faster for me to get in the water.  I'd gladly use an App to reserve a board, sign a rental agreement and give you my credit card all ahead of time, so I don't have to hassle with the process of doing paperwork or paying.

As you might have guessed these are the main reasons I decided to start Surfitlocker.  I wanted to create a fun way to make the rental process simpler and more convenient.  Stay tuned as we build out the service.  We're starting in Santa Cruz, CA and expanding from there.  We really want to hear your thoughts, please feel free to share your ideas and comments below.



Founder,  Surfitlocker