Did You Know...?

10 things you probably didn't know about SUP: 


1.  Unlike surfboards, most SUP have a nice grip for your feet. Often called the “T-Grip,” users have access to an easier way to stand up on the board and get going. T-grips also aid in giving more power to each stroke you make with the paddle because your feet are allowed to be more stationary.

2.  SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the United States as of June 2016. 

3. 1 hour of casual SUP burns 305-430 calories! 

4. There are a lot of new companies that have made the hassle of totting around paddles a lot easier. Many have started making paddles that come apart into either two or three pieces.

5. Contrary to popular belief, SUP did not originate in Hawaii. The history of SUP began in 1777 around the so-called “Society Islands” in Tahiti. Captain James Cook made a comment about a Polynesian person riding a wave on the sea with an instrument used to propel them forward. 

6. Many beginner SUP actually start on their knees instead of their feet! It is easier to begin this way because not as much balance is needed in order to stay up on the board.

7.  Yoga can be done on SUP! It does take practice; however, it is extremely good exercise and it is very relaxing once you have the moves down.

8. "Backpaddling" a term to describe backward or reverse motion of the SUP, originally came from the sport of kayaking. 

9. There are around 25 different strokes that you can do with a SUP! Many beginners start with the forward stroke. Once they become competitors, they move to harder strokes such as the Jibe, a wicked-fast pivot stroke used in competition. 

10. Looking down at your feet whilst on a SUP increases the chance of one falling. Studies show that looking at the water instead increases your chance of staying up on the SUP. It is important to be aware of what is around you at all times and to see what kinds of things may be in your upcoming path.