Can software really improve the surfing experience?

I was a skeptic at first.  A big reason I love the water is that it is a great way to escape the ever increasing "screen" time we all spend these days, both at work and for fun.  I was concerned that adding more technology to a classic outdoor activity would be a mistake. But the more I work on Surfitlocker, the more I clearly see the benefits that can be introduced with great software that gives you more quality time in the water.  Let me give you a few examples:

1. Using your location we can easily show you surf shops close by and also their current inventory of boards that you can rent.  A big benefit of Surfitlocker is the ability to self-checkout equipment for dawn patrol or an off-hour session. 

2.  Using an App it is easy to make a reservation ahead of time and also complete rental agreements and payment information. No waiting in line.  

3. If you're a repeat customer, we can save information to make it even easier to rent again.

4. Software is great at keeping track of stuff and helping to determine how long the rental equipment has been in use.

We're working hard to make sure any software or technology we introduce has significant benefits and makes your surfing or SUP experience better.  We always welcome your suggestions and comments.