What to do when you can't surf? Get a scooter!

It's the beginning of a long weekend and a first glimpse of the summer months ahead of us...

Lately I've spent more time commuting than in the water, so it's been a bit frustrating.  On Thursday, I took this photo to help illustrate my point.  A car in the middle of San Francisco, with its board out of water!  Hopefully the owner got to the beach later that day.  

Then I noticed a small number of fellow commuters using Razor Scooters.  There is a also a new company called Luxe that uses the same scooters to facilitate their parking service (the employees wear blue jackets and use blue scooters like the one shown below to get around San Francisco)

Ok I thought, if I can't SUP or surf as often as I like, how about riding a scooter? Am I nuts?  Truth is it has been a blast and helps with the commute and is actually a lot of fun!  A couple of caveats.  You need to watch for other scooters, bikes, skateboards, buses, people with phones in their faces, you get the idea - also dogs tend to target you as a moving toy to go after and bite!  But if you're careful and use good sense, it is amazing fun - especially down small hills. 

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.