Surfitlocker Announces New Rental System for Paddle Board Equipment at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017

November 14, 2017

Surfitlocker will introduce a new rental system for Paddle Board Equipment at the 2017 IAAPA Expo in Tiburon Locker’s Booth #3604. In partnership with Tiburon, the new Surfitlocker system is the fastest means available for guests to access a locker and corresponding paddle board equipment. After renting a locker, guests are also able to easily access paddle board equipment. This flexible self-serve system showcases the new technologies that are a key part of Tiburon's and Surfitlocker’s focus on enhancing guest and operator experiences at water locations.

Surfitlocker – a streamlined locker system designed to help guests rent paddle board equipment and experience the water around them without worrying about transporting boards and accessories.  The first location launched Summer 2017 in Monterey, CA.

Tiburon Lockers - a turnkey locker storage solution with unique in-house engineering. More than 400 venues have experienced their passion for servicing, as evidenced by exclusive live monitoring technology and real-time customer support. Tiburon Lockers continues to provide unmatched service with a focus on developing useful innovations in secure storage solutions for ski resorts, amusement parks, water parks, secure government institutions as well as many other venue types.


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A short video showcasing our Monterey, CA location is available here: