dawn patrol

Dawn Patrol


I’ve always been an early riser and have been in the habit of exercising before dawn.  There was nothing really scientific about my habit, it happened because I have four kids and there really was no other convenient time when my kids were growing up.  As I surfer, I also knew the benefit of getting on the water early, typically there was less wind, and fewer people, and it was an excellent way to start the day.  Now there’s new research that reinforces that getting out on the water in the golden hour has lasting benefits on your physical and mental capabilities throughout the day. The study shows that “Getting active in the morning wakes up the brain, improves concentration and gets the brain ready to learn and be productive." Plus, it fires out mood-boosting endorphins that stay with you for hours.

The silhouette on the horizon could be you.  Each morning is a new opportunity to explore the water nearby.  If you haven’t tried getting in a paddle before most people are awake, I highly recommend it.  It is a powerful way to start the day and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment that lasts the entire day!

Finally, for those looking to lose a few extra pounds, exercising in the morning boosts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for six to 10 hours afterward—you’ll burn more calories throughout the day thanks to a morning workout. Exercising before breakfast on an empty stomach has been shown to burn a greater percentage of fat for fuel, rather than carbohydrates. 

If you are looking to try an early morning paddle, and are in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our new location in Petaluma offering storage and memberships, so you can get out on the water, easily, any time you want.

Happy Paddling