No excuses. There is water closer than you think....

Getting away from your phone and computer screen is easier than you might think.   Ironically, only 5 miles from the Apple Campus, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is Stevens Creek County Park, a beautiful 1,063 acre area that offers widely diverse recreational amenities, including an 86 acre reservoir.  Spending a little time outdoors for just an hour or two a week can make a significant impact on building a healthy body and positive mind set.  What's more, you'd be surprised about how close a place to paddle might be to where you work or live.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 7.52.54 AM.png

One of our goals is to help more people enjoy the outdoors more often, especially close to work or home.  We know first hand the wellness benefits of getting outside and experiencing a bit of nature to help you get recharged and refreshed.

Do you have a local spot that you're willing to share?  Let us know!

Hope you make time to get out on the water this week.

Happy Paddling!