Getting Social

This post is not about Facebook or Instagram.  Instead, it's purpose is to encourage you and your friends to spend some time paddling together.  We've found that it can be lots more fun to paddle with friends.

If you’re short of paddling buddies, I would suggest joining a local Meetup or SUP club. Paddling events are never hard to find, and many sites have social paddles on a regular basis.


Not only will you meet new people, you get the benefit of learning from others!  Some events also allow you to participate in fundraisers and water clean-up events,  which is a great way of giving back to the community.

Research continues to show that spending just an hour or two on the water is beneficial and will have a positive impact on your life.  Getting away from phone and computer screens and spending time building a healthy body and a positive mind just an hour or two a week can make a significant impact.

Enough reading, it’s time to get out on the water with some friends.