The Beach & Barn Story

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This past August I made a day trip in North Carolina from Raleigh to Surf City, about a two-hour drive.  My goal was to check out the coast and go paddle surfing.  During the drive I experienced first-hand the contrast between the rural landscape of farms and what would be my final destination at the coast.  I stopped at 50 South Surf Shop and rented a board.  When I was done, I discovered some unique apparel with a chicken riding a surfboard called “Beach & Barn” I was intrigued.  Ironically, back in California, many of my morning drives down to Monterey would take me by the neighboring farming communities on the way to the beach.  I ended up buying a couple of their t-shirts to bring back to California.  I was curious to learn more so I went online and discovered that Beach & Barn started out as a carpentry company, that morphed into an apparel company. That’s weird.  I went on their Instagram account and there was a lot of tools, wood, and carpentry work on their social media posts, what gives?

So I contacted them and ended up speaking to Rusty, one of the founders and learned about their history and asked if I could be one of their online retailers out in California.  He said yes.

As a result, we’re thrilled to feature their apparel this November.  You can check out their entire collection here at: Beach & Barn.

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As always please let us know if you have any questions or would like to see us feature any other outdoor products at our Monterey, CA Location.