SUP by the Numbers

Sources say that of all of them combined, nearly 7% of the land in the USA is actually water. Of course you probably know that Hawaii is made up of many islands, so they have around 41% water and 49% land; however, I bet that you didn't know that the state of Wisconsin has a whopping 17.3% to 82.7% land ratio. Why is that? Wisconsin's largest lake is Lake Winnebago. It covers a whole 215.2 miles! To put it in perspective, you'd have to drive three and a half hours at 60 miles per hour just to get around the lake one time. Lake Winnebago is home to ice fishing in the winter, summer concerts, boating, and you guessed it--stand up paddling. 

There are companies that rent and sell stand up paddle boards to customers on small rivers and bigger creeks flowing into Lake Winnebago. Wisconsin's SUP is mostly through marshes--a very different way of paddling than in places like California. These marshes are typically beautiful. There are tons of nature and wild life to see. Maybe one day, you can see it for yourself!