SUP Resource Center

In preparing for launching our first location in Monterey, CA, we came across a select number of useful SUP products and services we wanted to pass along to you.  A majority of the images shown below, link to Amazon, if you're interested in learning more, or actually purchasing one of the items, it is just one click away.  Please feel free to let us know if you have items you would like to share with us as well! Just email us at:

There is a great deal of SUP information on the web and in digital form, but sometimes it's helpful to have a real book or magazine to learn from as well.  

Books & Magazines

A landmark book by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols on the remarkable effects of water on our health and well-being:

The Stand Up Paddle Instruction Book, by Mitch Powers, is one of our favorites.

For a more comprehensive guide, we highly recommend:

The Art of Stand Up Paddling - A Complete Guide to SUP on Lakes, Rivers and Oceans, by Ben Marcus.

Issue No. 1 of The Mullet Magazine just came out this Spring - you can subscribe here:

Standup Journal is the original stand up paddling magazine and is a great source for jaw dropping images, breathtaking stories, up to date gear reviews, sup destinations, insider industry discounts - you can subscribe here:

One of the unique aspects of our Surfitlocker locations is the ability to "try before you buy" and to have access to new products and services that help you learn all the different ways to enjoy SUP.  Recently we started using Paddle Monster and have become big fans, Paddle Monster is a subscription based coaching site that gives normal paddlers access to the best paddle training and technique information available. We set goals, discuss our progress online, and then spill out onto the waterways around the world together. You have individual goals, but you are no longer lost or alone in your training. You are part of a community. Paddle Monster was founded by Larry Cain, an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist and Olympic Paddle Coach and John Beausang, Writer, Publisher and persistently disheveled baitfish, you can learn more here: 

And finally, you'll need a board and a paddle.  We've partnered with a new company here is the San Francisco Bay Area that has a wide range of incredible boards to choose from called Desolation Outdoors - our favorite all around board and the one that we feature as a demo is the 10' 6 KO LIPE SUP BOARD for Surfing and Cruising.   This is an all-around/Surf standup paddle board with a wide range of capabilities. These boards are ultra-stable, great for SUP surfing and cruising around. These boards are not built for speed but are simple to maneuver.  You can learn more here:

One final thought - how about if you want to take your dog along?  We've had great luck with RUFFWEAR

Here it is in action with our dog and SUP companion, Cooper!