Top Ten Questions

Q : Where are Surfitlockers located?
A : Our first location is on the Monterey Bay, on the California Coast.  We are also expanding to other water locations in the SF Bay Area and beyond and would love your ideas and suggestions.  You can give us feedback on location ideas you have by clicking here.

Q : What should participants wear or bring?
A : Active sports wear works best; water sandals, quick dry shirt and pants, board shorts. Wind jackets are helpful in the afternoon. Avoid loose clothing, cotton, down-filled jackets, or dress shoes. Also consider bringing: water, sunscreen and a change of clothes for after your session.  If you plan to paddle surf, a wetsuit is recommended, there are shops close by that rent wetsuits that we can recommend.

Q : Which kind of gear does Surfitlocker provide?
A : Surfitlocker provides a board, paddle, leash, personal flotation device (PFD) and a storage locker.

Q : I want to try a SUP for the first time. Any recommendations for first time customers?
A : Renting a SUP for the first time works well if you do it with a group of people. If you are alone you should try and join a trip which includes a guide or instructor, so you are paddling in a group setting. You will have more fun and learn valuable skills for your first session.  We have paddle programs that can help get you started, that include tours or lessons.  Early morning is typically the best time for beginners, because there is not as much wind and the ocean tends to be calmer. 

Q : Can I leave my belongings at Surfitlocker?
A : Yes, we provide lockers for your convenience while you're out on the water.  We also can provide a dry bag, so you can carry your phone and electronics.

Q : People have told me Stand Up Paddle Board(SUP) can be challenging. What is your advice for paddle boarders?
A : The paddling route depends on your skill and conditions at the time of your session. Always check the weather before you go. We recommend that beginners come in early when there is no wind, and go with an instructor or buddy.  Once you build strong paddling skills, you can explore the larger open space in the water. If you have any doubt, don't go out. 

Q : Is it possible to reserve a rental ahead of time? 
A : Yes, we have an Mobile Web App ( that you can use ahead of time with a credit card. Once we have your order, we'll confirm the date and start time and send you a locker number and 4 digit code via email for your session.  You can also always call us or email us at: 855-4SURFIT or

Q : Do you allow dogs on a SUP?
A : Yes, you can take a dog on the SUP. We recommend life jackets.   Just let us know ahead of your planned rental session and the size of your dog and we can have a life jacket available.

Q : Do you rent to anyone under 18?
A : You need to be Age 18 or over to use a Surfitlocker location. A guardian must be on the water with anyone under 18 years of age.

Q : Do you have a changing room?
A : This depends on the location you plan to visit.  Check with us for the latest availability of changing rooms or showers.