SUP Shaft Grip by HOLDfast


SUP Shaft Grip by HOLDfast


Lock in your grip with HOLDFast Grips™!

Less Fatigue with a Better Grip!

• Our SUP Shaft Grip is specifically designed to fit standard SUP paddle shafts.

• HOLDFast Grips™ contain thousands of micro-fingers that are designed to help reduce fatigue, blisters and slippage by enhancing grip in wet and dry environments.

• The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive easily bonds to clean surfaces with long term durability.

• HOLDFast Grips™ assist in hand comfort from extremely hot or cold paddle shaft temperatures and has UV protection to avoid drying, cracking or fading.

• A reliable grip helps keep you in a correct position to avoid injury.

• Easy removal with no damage to your paddle!

• HOLDFast Grips™ SUP Shaft Grip comes in 2 colors: Pink & Black

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