Surfitlocker started with a SIMPLE mission:

HELP people enjoy the OUTDOORS, MORE OFTEN.

We started Surfitlocker because we wanted to create the best outdoor experience by offering quick and easy access to the best equipment possible.

And so, we began searching for the right locations and shops close to some of the best outdoor locations in the world. We designed the entire experience around a top quality selection of equipment and services that will help you experience the outdoors like never before.

The Surfitlocker logo is a tribute to my son's VW bus and my favorite 9' 6" board that was inside when everything literally "went up in flames" on a trip back from Santa Cruz in July 2013 .  Our goal with Surfitlocker is to create a fun, creative, adventurous and open-minded company that embraces change and provides smart access to the outdoors combined with great service and the right products to help your outdoor location be the best it can be!

We welcome your ideas and feedback.  Just email our team at:

PS: If you own an old VW Bus, have the fuel lines checked often.

Our Company Values

Value relationships. 

Innovate and have fun.

Give back - Surfitlocker donates 1% of our net profits to ocean and clean water projects.


Highway 17, Scotts Valley, CA, July 2013